Drawn to the Edge

Book Sleeve for new book, Draw to the Edge

John lives on the Solway coast of Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland. Within a few miles either way it is possible to find a range of coastal habitats from off shore islands to sea cliffs, maritime heath, rocky shores, sandy beaches, estuaries and saltmarsh. These locations, where the land meets the ocean, have formed the basis of John’s work for many years and ‘Drawn to the Edge’ expands upon this compulsion, exploring key locations around the UK coast that provide some of the finest examples of these habitats and the rich diversity of life that depend upon them. Britain’s coast gifts us some of our most dramatic landscapes; some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe and cliff nesting seabirds in internationally significant numbers, estuaries that offer refuge and sustenance for millions of waders and wildfowl, rare maritime heaths and grasslands and beautiful sandy coves that delight us all. This journey reaches far south to find Cornwall’s returning choughs and way north for Orkney’s fading skuas,west to the pristine beaches of the Outer Hebrides and to the east coast islands of the Bass Rock and the Farnes. These are spectacular and exhilarating places and the drawings, paintings and the writings within this book encourage and inspire us to seek them out, or to revisit them, with open eyes, minds and hearts. These are sights and sounds of our natural heritage to be truly treasured and savoured. John’s first book with Langford Press, ‘Between the Tides’, was an in depth look at Britain’s estuaries and his work has now appeared in a good number of publications.


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